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Sa., 14. Okt.


Remote Community Space

Conscious Cosmic Relating | Koh Phangan

Join the cosmic happening for a transformative experience through channeling on the beautiful island of Ko Pha-ngan. A coming together with a like-minded group to participate in a mutual rewarding exchange with extradimensional beings to realign believes and the emtional body.

Conscious Cosmic Relating | Koh Phangan
Conscious Cosmic Relating | Koh Phangan

Zeit & Ort

14. Okt. 2023, 11:11 – 22:22

Remote Community Space, 52, Srithanu, 3, Tambon Ko Pha-ngan, Koh Phangan, Chang Wat Surat Thani 84280, Thailand

Über die Veranstaltung

Escape the 3D Matrix and allow yourself to create in the now of the  never ending 'all-that-is' conscious awareness. Feel what it is like to be unconditionally loved on the spiritual side of Ko Pha-ngan and take this experience with you wherever you might wander.

During the Event you are going to have the opportunity to...

  • Find your souls purpose  

Create ways to integrate the infinite into our space-time-continuum to be in alignment with your souls purpose.  

  • Expand your conciousness  

Meeting our star family helps to gain a greater understanding on life in the universe and our role in the all-that-is.   

  • Obtain more whole perpectives  

Advanced civilizations share perspectives that are beneficial for individuals, the human collective and beyond.  

  • Discover more of yourself  

By re-membering various believe-systems through the eyes of other civilizations and re-organising them it provides clearity in relating to our greater self.

Meet the Channeler and his Counterpart: 

Simon Alves Gervé

Simon, a multidimensional being, was born and raised in Germany. From a  young age, he felt the need to expand his boundaries. Human life on physical earth always seemed very limited and somehow not up to date. Visits from an "other" being occurred regularly in the dreamspace and once with conscious memory in the physical realm. The ideas of "death" and "complete darkness" also seemed very strange and rather new. But it wasn't until 2012 that Simon began to remember and look more deeply at alternative paradigms. To this day, his realationship beyond the physical-earth-plane is ayahuasca-proofen and he spends a lot of time with a wide variety of beings who have similar questions as he does, regarding possible states of consciousness. 

On his continuous journey through the Earth-being, he also came across the YahYel and other members of the galactic family. He began channeling Markus Samu LL I in 2016. This entity from the YahYel civilization is a  pilot, clown and explorer of consciousness. He likes to travel through galaxies in his spaceship and discover all kinds of life forms. His face sometimes appears painted and marked in meditatively created images. This indicates a deep connection to our indigenous people on planet Earth. Markus Samu LL I claims to have already walked on our beautiful mother Gaia with his own feet.

What is Channeling?

  • Communication with Higher Dimensions  

Channeling allows to communicate with higher dimensions or the higher self to receive powerful wisdom.  

  • Connection with the Cosmos  

A link to spirit guides or extraterrestrials is achieved to receive guidance and answers to challenging questions.  

  • Healing Energy Blockages  

Channeling helps to transform energy blockages and creates harmony in relation to the universe.

  • Access to cosmic realms  

Teachings about methods to receive insights from more expanded parts of the Youniverse become accessible  


Chapter 1: 


  • Space opening and round of introductions 

We will start the weekend with a warm welcome and an overview of the program. Ask your questions and learn more about the goals and intentions of this special event.

  • Guided Channeled Meditation 

Be guided by a deep meditation that will lead you into an altered level of consciousness and strengthen your connection to your inner source.

Break with food approximately 1:00 p.m.

Chapter 2:


  • Cacao/Other/Improvisation/Sharings

Break with snacks approx. 6:00 p.m.

Chapter 3:


  • Classic YahYel Channeling

Markus Samu LL i leads us into a co-created consciousness bubble of exchange with intergalactic beings, ending with a question & answer session. Experience a fascinating download of channeled knowledge where you will have the opportunity to address your questions to higher wisdoms.

Condition of participation 

Tickets are limited to 25 people only. First pay first serve basis.  Please be aware that the number of participants is limited to ensure an  intimate atmosphere. Register early to secure your spot.


  • Basic Traveler | One Chapter

    Allows participation in one of the 3 sections that will be hosted during the whole event.

    111,00 €
    Verkauf beendet
  • Advanced Co-Creator | Day Pass

    Allows participation in all 3 Chapters of the event.

    222,00 €
    Verkauf beendet
  • Cosmic Wanderer | Bonus

    With this ticket you will receive the Day Pass and a private channeling with Markus Samu LL i from the YahYel either online or in person around the time of the event.

    333,00 €
    Verkauf beendet


0,00 €

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