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Open Your Heart

to YahLana of the YahYel Civilization

YahLana of the YahYel


YahLana has manifested herself as a Communication Specialist. Standing by to aid any who desire to communicate with the YahYel.
It is her desire and wish to aid in the First Contact Association. Building a bridge between our two realities. She does this in her own, playful manner.


Appearing child like in the one moment and motherly the next, she has a warm, gentle and practical approach and has a whole lot of humour, as you will no doubt find out. A knack for languages, Lana loves the idea of our many different languages, mixed on our Silly little planet using different accents to play around with and to invite you to play around with it as well. Getting acquainted with new ways of expressing yourself.

Open your heart Sigilum

Introduction by YahLana:

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